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In Defense of Sparkle Science

I have an article up on the New York Times’ The Motherlode section called In Defense of Sparkle Science. Some of my daughter’s lip gloss and lip scrub experiments I’m thrilled with this piece as I’ve wanted to place something at The Motherlode for a while. If you are interested in the topic, please take the time to read through the Carnegie Science Center’s response to the criticism about the image that went viral, as they address the fact that they used to offer a wider range of options for Girl Scouts but no one signed up. I agree it…

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Blog train contribution!

Joining a blog train courtesy of Melissa Duclos, one of my many and numerous online writing friends, who in this day and age are as real as any of my in-person writing friends. The blog train’s purpose is to get writers (and publications in some cases!) talking about what we’re working on and our process for writing (or publishing.) So without further ado, let me let you in a little bit on my process and what’s on deck for me in what I hope is going to be a very productive summer. What am I working on?I write science fiction…

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Now available for purchase – SNOW WHITE AND THE ASSASSIN’S GUILD! (Kindle only)

Now available for purchase – my short story SNOW WHITE AND THE ASSASSIN’S GUILD! I wrote this short story during a workshop I took with Mary Robinette Kowal called Writing on the Fast Track (I highly recommend the workshop! It was conducted via online google+ hangouts, small number of classmates, we did exercises and critiqued each other’s work from week to week, and otherwise just had a ball. It helped me refine my ability to write short stories.) The story blurb: Snow White is frustrated in her role as an assassin in the king and queen’s service. As the third…

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High Tech Language Arts – 5th grade – Lesson summary

Taught a lesson about short-form storytelling in High Tech Language Arts class today for 5th graders. Included the inimitable John Wiswell‘s Alligators By Twitter story, which I became of fan of before it was even published, having been on the editing staff at Flash Fiction Online magazine since its inception. (caution: some curse words present. With John’s permission I modified them for my lesson.) And then to finish blowing their minds, I told the 5th graders about 6 Word Stories. You could have heard a pin drop when I finished, “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”  Each child is now working on their own…

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Girls invent the neatest things!

I am continually amazed at the wonderful content the A Mighty Girl team comes up with, curating from all over the web but also adding in links to resources and additional information. They’ve become one of my primary go-to sources for great stories about girls doing awesome things all over the globe. This latest story of theirs is no exception. Girls from Zagreb, Croatia, have invented a teddy bear embedded with sensors that can be given to children in the hospital. When the children interact with the teddy bear, it records vital signs and sends them wirelessly to smartphones or…

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Dear World — about kids and science

Dear World: I want you to know that the effort required to get children, in particular girls, interested in science is really rather basic. Engage with them. Talk to them like they are real people instead of very small idiots, and answer their questions. Even using humor is fine, as the Australians have done (those Aussies are good at humor.) Just engage. Please. Our future depends on this. Love, me.

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LEGO robotics and girls and awesomeness

This past fall I had the opportunity to coach a LEGO Robotics team through the FIRST LEGO League, aka FLL. In short, it was *awesome.* I coached a team of 7 girls, all Girl Scouts with the Girls Scouts of Northern IL, all fourth grade students at Da Vinci Academy in Elgin, IL. The Girl Scouts of Northern IL had received a generous grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation to sponsor this kind of STEM activity for girls (please tell me you know what STEM stands for. Please? Okay, I’ll tell you *again* — Science Technology Engineering Math. Sometimes you’ll…

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Media and Design Club for Kids Meeting 2

Media and Design Club for KidsMeeting 2 Activity 1: Door InvestigationActivity Objective: Evaluate design choices by touring the school and counting the different types of door styles we encounter. Discussion: This was a hands-on exercise where we walked around the whole school and noted and counted the different door designs we saw. I had the kids bring notepaper and pencils so they could keep track. Some drew the doors, some wrote down descriptions of key features. Before too long we had amassed a list of 30 different door types in our very small school! This gave rise to the opportunity…

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