Short Stories

Short Stories by Karen T. Smith — I have written several short stories that are available for purchase or free online. I’ll do a collection soon, too!

Apples on the Moon – this was the first story I ever wrote. It was also the first story I submitted anywhere. And it won a contest to appear in the Return to Luna anthology put out by Hadley Rille Press! I even got a membership in the

Moon Cliques – this title I keep trying to set to free, not sure if it’s worked but take a look around on the various platforms!

Library of the Apocalypse – true story: this came about as a result of a writing challenge I did with a  number of online writing friends. The trigger was “Apocalyptic Taco Mix” and that was the title of this story for a long, long time until I rewrote the ending and removed the zombies. (I can put the zombies back in if there’s enough demand…)

Snow White and the Assassin’s Guild – I wrote this during a class I took with Mary Robinette Kowal called Writing on the Fast Track. It was a great short story workshop, and the best part is I found a writing group as a result! (The others from my class and the next session banded together and we do twice weekly writing hangouts.)


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