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  • Interview with Andy Weir, author of The Martian now up on The Maker Mom

    When you fangirl in public, sometimes others hear! My friend Kim Moldofsky of knew I was a big fan of the book The Martian and offered me the opportunity to interview author Andy Weir for her site. I was thrilled with the chance, and after some mayhem and mishaps of scheduling (which I’ll tell […]

  • Barbie Brouhaha

    Barbie Brouhaha

    This week’s Internet Ragestorm is about a really ridiculous Barbie book about computer programming (article also appears on gizmodo if you encounter issues) that includes Barbie “only creating the design ideas, ha ha” and “needing to get Steven and Brian to do the heavy lifting of programming.” And then accidentally cause she’s an idiot infecting hers […]