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Indie ebook publishing links and website recommendations

Independent Publishing Links and Website Recommendations I was asked to sit on an author’s marketing panel tonight with my writer’s group. We got together with a group that’s more focused on book marketing (our group is a “writer’s support group” – we talk about craft and do writing exercises and cheer each other on. It’s a little different spin than many critique circles you’ll hear about.) I represented the indie epublishing point of view, and knowing I was likely to be in the minority (I was) in terms of doing the ebook formatting and watching the ebook industry, I put…

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CONVERGENCE – by Karen T. Smith, a YA Sci-Fi novel

Desperate for something new to read? My young adult (young end of YA, perfectly appropriate for most middle-grade readers) science fiction novel CONVERGENCE by Karen T. Smith is now available on all ebook platforms (amazon kindle, barnes and noble nook, smashwords for most other e-readers. Note: Kobo and Sony Reader distribution should be within the next 1-2 weeks. Apple mail trail a bit longer.) Paperback available at most e-retailers and First of all, isn’t the cover gorgeous? I had a fantastic cover model (one of the kids’ babysitters!) and my really awesome friend Renee of The Cover Counts worked…

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E-book Formatting Checklist

How to Format your e-book for independent publishing In formatting ebooks for independent publishing, I’ve found that the detailed information offered in the Smashwords style guide, while top-notch and something that EVERY indie publisher needs to read, is a bit hard to parse when you’re going through the routine of formatting another book/story for publication, so I (with the help of my 9 year old son) documented the process in a simple(r) checklist, so I could be sure I was following the correct steps as I went. This is heavily based on that Smashwords style guide, so you really need…

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