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Date archive for: January 2012

Media and Design Club for Kids Meeting 2

Media and Design Club for KidsMeeting 2 Activity 1: Door InvestigationActivity Objective: Evaluate design choices by touring the school and counting the different types of door styles we encounter. Discussion: This was a hands-on exercise where we walked around the whole school and noted and counted the different door designs we saw. I had the kids bring notepaper and pencils so they could keep track. Some drew the doors, some wrote down descriptions of key features. Before too long we had amassed a list of 30 different door types in our very small school! This gave rise to the opportunity…

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Media And Design Club: Meeting 1

I’ve started a Media and Design Club for students at my children’s school. It’s an idea that started out of a desire to get the kids involved with the creation of the school yearbook, which has previously been done by parent volunteers who are more time-constrained this year than usual. Rather than just doing a “Yearbook Club” though, I wanted to aim a little broader. We have a lot of time before the school yearbook needs to be completed (I am starting the club the first week in January that we’re back in school.) I also have this not-too-secret goal…

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