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Why Write?

This is one of those questions that comes up on writer’s boards all the time. Why bother? What drives you to write?  Well, here’s my why: I write because nobody has written the stories I wanted to read. The ones about a geeky girl who was good at stuff and had adventures and solved problems and was smart and cool and dorky and nice and confused and friendless and interesting and new around here and different and the same and interested in boys and uninterested in boys and… I write for all the geeky cool girls out there, because I…

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On being a girl geek

Amanda Hocking has this remarkably insightful way of looking at things. If you don’t know who Amanda Hocking is, you should. She’s sold more books in the last minute and a half than most bestsellers hope to sell in a month. Or a year. Or their entire careers. Or something crazy like that. She puts out eBooks and Print On Demand (POD) books – she is her own publisher. It’s a fascinating case study in “going viral” because first her books went viral, then she went viral as the media rushed to report on her as a story. But who…

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On being both a Mom and a Writer

I originally wrote this for a writer’s board I participate on, but it relates so well to what I talk about on this blog that I wanted to share it here, too. The context is that another writer was complaining that she is limited in her reach right not because she’s a mom. This is my reply: I want to give a little working/writing/mom love. Being a mom is a really important job. The kids really benefit from all we do. When they are small it can be very brain-sucking work (just how many times do I have to tell…

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